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Welcome to the Environment Agency's online River Thames conditions update service which displays our current advice to river users. We display warning boards at our locks to inform river users of conditions that may make navigating difficult and dangerous.

This page shows our current advice for each reach of the river between Cricklade and Teddington. We will update this information regularly when warning boards are being displayed at locks and as river conditions change.

Lechlade to Oxford Back to Map

ReachCurrent conditions
Upstream of St John's LockNo Stream Warnings
St John's Lock to Buscot LockNo Stream Warnings
Buscot Lock to Grafton LockNo Stream Warnings
Grafton Lock to Radcot LockNo Stream Warnings
Radcot Lock to Rushey LockNo Stream Warnings
Rushey Lock to Shifford LockNo Stream Warnings
Shifford Lock to Northmoor LockNo Stream Warnings
Northmoor Lock to Pinkhill LockNo Stream Warnings
Pinkhill Lock to Eynsham LockNo Stream Warnings
Eynsham Lock to King's LockNo Stream Warnings
King's Lock to Godstow LockNo Stream Warnings
Godstow Lock to Osney LockNo Stream Warnings
Osney Lock to Iffley LockNo Stream Warnings

Oxford to Henley Back to Map

ReachCurrent conditions
Iffley Lock to Sandford LockNo Stream Warnings
Sandford Lock to Abingdon LockNo Stream Warnings
Abingdon Lock to Culham LockNo Stream Warnings
Culham Lock to Clifton LockNo Stream Warnings
Clifton Lock to Day's LockNo Stream Warnings
Day's Lock to Benson LockNo Stream Warnings
Benson Lock to Cleeve LockNo Stream Warnings
Cleeve Lock to Goring LockNo Stream Warnings
Goring Lock to Whitchurch LockNo Stream Warnings
Whitchurch Lock to Mapledurham LockNo Stream Warnings
Mapledurham Lock to Caversham LockNo Stream Warnings
Upstream of Blake's LockNo Stream Warnings
Caversham Lock to Sonning LockNo Stream Warnings
Sonning Lock to Shiplake LockNo Stream Warnings
Shiplake Lock to Marsh LockNo Stream Warnings
Marsh Lock to Hambleden LockNo Stream Warnings

Henley to Teddington Back to Map

ReachCurrent conditions
Hambleden Lock to Hurley LockNo Stream Warnings
Hurley Lock to Temple LockNo Stream Warnings
Temple Lock to Marlow LockNo Stream Warnings
Marlow Lock to Cookham LockNo Stream Warnings
Cookham Lock to Boulters LockNo Stream Warnings
Boulters Lock to Bray LockNo Stream Warnings
Bray Lock to Boveney LockNo Stream Warnings
Boveney Lock to Romney LockNo Stream Warnings
Romney Lock to Old Windsor LockNo Stream Warnings
Old Windsor Lock to Bell Weir LockNo Stream Warnings
Bell Weir Lock to Penton Hook LockNo Stream Warnings
Penton Hook Lock to Chertsey LockNo Stream Warnings
Chertsey Lock to Shepperton LockNo Stream Warnings
Shepperton Lock to Sunbury LockNo Stream Warnings
Sunbury Lock to Molesey LockNo Stream Warnings
Molesey Lock to Teddington LockNo Stream Warnings

Information for boaters

Coronavirus information

Please find the latest guidance for all boaters on Environment Agency managed waterways here: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/environment-agency-waterways-coronavirus-covid-19-update.

In line with the current government Covid-19 restrictions we are taking the following approach to operating all of our lock and weir sites on the River Thames:

  • From 30 March there will be assisted passage at some lock sites during lock keeper hours of duty. When assisted passage is not offered, locks will be self-service on public power where public power is available.  
  • We will stop charging for pump outs.
  • We have extended the cleaning contract of our public toilets until the end of March so that they can remain open. Any sites that are not included in this contract, the public toilets will remain closed.
  • There will be no cash handling at any of our sites.
  • Moorings. There will be no charge at any EA operated moorings until Monday 12th April, or when England moves to Step 2 of the Government Roadmap. This is in line with current Gov't guidance that people should remain local and be staying overnight at their Primary Residence. 

Teddington Lock also has special arrangements in place. You can find more detail on our River Thames restrictions and closures page.

Up to 12 April 2021

  • Passage through Teddington Lock will be available from 9am to 3pm.Tidal transits and general assisted passage will be offered between these times.
  • Visiting licences will not be available at the lock but can be purchased by phoning the Environment Agency Boat Registration team on 0330 159 1983.
  • As the self-service facility is not possible at Teddington lock, transits will not be possible through the night and from 3pm until 9am, the lock will be closed to traffic.


From 13 April to 17 May 2021


  • Passage through Teddington Lock will be available from 6am to 10pm. Tidal transits and general assisted passage will be available between these times.
  • Visiting licences will be available at the lock. Please follow social distancing guidance at the site when purchasing.
  • As the self-service facility is not possible at Teddington, transit will not be possible through the night and from 10pm until 6am, the lock will be closed to traffic.


From 18 May to 21 June 2021

  • Full 24 hour service will resume including purchasing of licences and journey advice by calling 020 8940 8723. 

If you need to use our pump-out facilities please email WaterwaysThames@environment-agency.gov.uk to make arrangements.

The levels of service will be reviewed regularly. Our staffing levels are currently reduced as a result of coronavirus.

Our services are restricted due to the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) emergency. Go to locks and facilities for boaters for more detail.

Culham Lock is open and operational. Please be careful when navigating through the lock and do not enter the fenced area.

Rushey Lock sewage pump-out is unavailable.

Mapledurham Lock sewage pump-out is unavailable.

Iffley Lock - Hand wind only out of hours due to a fault with the public power.

Cookham Lock electric charging point at the short stay moorings is unavailable. The next electric charging points are upstream Shiplake. 

Bray Lock - Power outage at Bray until 4pm on the 12 April due to utility company works. 

Old Windsor electric charging point is currently unavailable.

Molesey Lock sewage pump-out is unavailable.

Navigation markers

When travelling upstream keep red obstruction marker buoys on your left, and green buoys on your right

When travelling downstream, keep red buoys on your right, and green buoys on your left.

Single yellow marker buoys can be passed on either side.

In all cases, pass well clear of marker buoys, and take care. You should also be careful in the margins of the river, and around bends, where river and weather conditions have resulted in tree debris collecting and some shallows forming.


Caution strong stream
We advise users of all boats not to navigate because the strong flows make it difficult and dangerous.
Caution stream increasing
We advise users of all unpowered boats not to navigate and users of powered boats to find a safe mooring. This is because river flows are likely to strengthen and red boards could be displayed very soon and without warning.
Caution stream decreasing
We advise users of all unpowered boats not to navigate and users of powered boats to navigate with caution.


This information is also available on Floodline. Call 0345 988 1188 and select option 1 for river information for boaters.


  • Contact Name: The Environment Agency

    Tel. 03708 506 506 (Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm)

    E-mail: enquiries@environment-agency.gov.uk

  • Contact Name: Incident Hotline

    Tel. 0800 80 70 60 (24 hour service)

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